Our Charity

Mitchell's Plain is a large, sprawling township with over one million residents on the outskirts of Cape Town.

Eastridge is a church funded nursery school for over 100 children of ages from babies to 5 year olds.

The school struggles with a chronic funding shortage and lacks basic learning materials for the children.

The Leo's Den charity aims to provide direct funding for essential education equipment and toys for the children. We also aim to give the school its own website and education facilities.

Eastridge Nursery
Church of Christ Eastridge
Mitchell's Plain
Cape Town

The children will have a chance to communicate with each other through the website, and through sending letters / drawings to each other.

They will also be learning about different cultures and sharing their interest together.

This will be a valuable tool in the children`s learning and a fun experience for all involved.

If you would like to make a donation to our charity please contact the Nursery Manager rachel@leosdennursery.com

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